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The crowd funding of ihorn has reached 1 million with help of JD


With 21 years IoT Sensing experience, now China Security & Fire IoT Sensing Co., Ltd bring good news to customers in this new series among its quality and price which is only 99 RMB in its crowd funding kit on the basis of high product quality and the data also shown that. JD data has shown that supporters have reached 400 as well as funding breaking through 0.9 million RMB within 3 days. So far, as the first set of kit to march into smart home field, T1 has won tremendous achievements and widely acceptance from market in its first appearance, current results are as follows: crow funding has above 1 million RMB, customers have reached one thousand, like and attention also break through 10 thousand.

Before NPC(The National People’s Congress) & CPPCC(The Chinese Political Consultative Conference),The State Council put forward “promotion of open community”, which raise a heated  social debate about the security of house and community. In front of the trend of smart and open community, burglar alarm system plays more important role in smart home security. Possessing rich IoT sensing experience and great vision,  China Security & Fire IoT Sensing Co., Ltd launch the intrusion alarm system combination of smart, security and network, which is also welcomed by market.

From the perspective of crowd funding and market reaction, users pay more attention to product quality and focus on the remote home care, IoT burglar alarm system and intelligent sensors. T1 realizes the smart alarm system through powerful function including App remote control and check the live site in real time by connecting with JD cloud server, special emergency button for elder, pregnant mother and equipment of magnetic contact and motion sensor as well as interconnecting with other JD smart devices (curtain, music center etc). What’s more, various smart home devices will be developed in the near future.