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  • 2016

    iHORN is invited as the the only company involved in making the standards for intrusion alarm products in China.
    Became a member of the  China Smart Home Industry Alliance.
    3A credit rewarded by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.
  • 2015

    Changed the company name as China Security&Fire IOT Sensing CO., LTD and became a public company.
  • 2014

    Longhorn was awarded “The best reputation enterprise in China Security Industry”.
    Got the patent of “one alarm system” and certificate of “Infrared detector and monitor system”
  • 2013

    Longhorn was awarded “Shenzhen Security Industry Association Vice Director Enterprise”.
    Got CCC certificate, and got the patent “Fresnel lens, passive infrared detector and security system”, and “Convex lens focal length inspection device” certificate.
  • 2012

    Got the patent of “One Alarm system and alarm method”, and the certificate of “One infrared signal strength detection device and method”
    · 2012.05
    Longhorn was awarded 2012 ”Safety City Construction Recommended brand”
    · 2012.01
    Longhorn was awarded “Top 10 Influence brand in China Security ”for the 2nd term
  • 2011

    · 2011.12
    Longhorn was awarded “Excellent Security Enterprise(Production & Sales)”
    · 2011.10
    Longhorn was awarded “ A&S Top 10 brand in China Security”
    · 2011.03
    Longhorn was awarded “National Security Satisfied Brand”
  • 2010

    · 2010.12
    Longhorn was awarded “National Hi-tech Enterprise”
    · 2010.10
    Longhorn was awarded “China Security Top 100 Enterprise ”
  • 2009

    · 2009.10
    Longhorn was awarded “A&S China Security Top 10 Brand”, “China National Security Top 10 Brand”
    · 2009.07
    Longhorn passed China CMC Metrological Certification
  • 2008

    · 2008.09
    Longhorn was awarded “Shenzhen Hi-tech Enterprise”;Longhorn was awarded “Safety City Construction Recommended Brand”.
  • 2006

    · 2006.12
    Longhorn was awarded “Shenzhen Famous Brand”
    · 2006.07
    Longhorn passed ISO/TS16949 certificate.
    · 2006.01
    Start the cooperation of designing and developing infrared detector with Germany BOSCH.
  • 2004

    · 2004.12
    Longhorn was awarded Compulsory CCC certificate.
    · 2004.12
    Develop Intrusion Alarm System products by ourselves.
  • 2003

    · 2003.08
    Passed BSI ISO9001:2000 and QS9000 international quality system certificate.
    · 2009.05
    Start to develop the detector products
  • 2002

    · 2002.10
    Registered “Longhorn” brand, lead in enterprise image identify system.
  • 1999

    · 1999.01
    HC-520 siren become the OEM project for Japan HONDA auto manufacturer.
  • 1998

    · 1998.11
    HC-626 siren become the OEM project for Japan TOYOTA auto manufacturer.
  • 1997

    · 1997.08
    The first enterprise to pass ISO 9002 international quality certificate of Germany TüV institution.
  • 1995

    · 1995.01
    Shenzhen Longhorn Security & Technology Co., Ltd, established and started to sell alarm products.