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iHORN combine with Alibaba A+ intelligent alliance. Announced Internet + Alarm service


On 29th Feb 2016, Alibaba has hold IoT conference in National Convention Center in Beijing, Alibaba gathers up- and downstream supplier to foud A+ Ali intelligent alliance. To indicate future intelligent ecosphere based on the conference about same protocal ,technical benchmark system and Security commitment. China Security & Fire IoT Sensing Co., Ltd is as an important partner to Ali intelligent alliance "security cloud" part has been invited for this event. And our CEO Wu Zhi ming also invited to be the members of the alliance expert.

Smart field was the most outstanding field in 2015.In Chinese IoT martket,we met a lots new founder in this year. Varies smart device. Smart wearalb device,they took a fresh to comsumer ,but it also meet a lots device are all standalone ,no same protocal in different enterprise. this was avoid IoT intellgent developing.That is why we creat A+ Ali intelligent alliance to make a internet ecosphere.

As an professional sensors manufacturer, China Security & Fire IoT Sensing Co., Ltd was the first invited partner to Ali Intelligent alliance. China Security & Fire IoT Sensing Co., Ltd start from sensors manufacturing, is a famous IoT sensors manufacturer and provider. For the future of IoT, the most important is developing IT technology and hardware. Sensors is IoT's perception apparatus, it collect environment specification for IoT operation system to transportation analyze ,feedback original message. Only the excellent sensors device combined with unitive IT tech can make the perfect IoT application!


China Security & Fire IoT Sensing Co., Ltd has a strong background based on 21 years developing. gains over 200 patents. we will launch New IoT alarms systems and visible device. Integrated with IP cameras, alarm systems, intrusion detector via APP. To make smart security terminal comes true, to keep safe of end user’s life and property.